DeepReach Oxidation was founded in Norman, Oklahoma  in 2004. It was a outgrowth of an Idea that was spawned from our founder’s experience serving on the 2001-2002 Anthrax Remediation team in Washington D.C. For its first two years of existence, it was essentially an R & D company, designing and building equipment, commissioning studies, and working projects to support the effort towards an EPA Registration for the process. After lab data and site data was submitted to the USEPA Registration division,  a sixteen month period of evaluation ensued in which every conceivable aspect of the process was evaluated. The final draft had to be reviewed by all the departments within EPA, including the Indoor Environments Division, the group responsible for publishing the EPA Guidelines for Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings,( June 2001), the document the mold remediation industry currently uses as their standard.
DeepReach Oxidation’s DRO5000 (USEPA # 82484-1) was authorized in August of 2006, five years after the “Guidelines” were published. After receiving the State of Oklahoma operating license, DeepReach Oxidation began operations in early 2007.
Since this time, DeepReach has over 50 projects under its belt, many of which are large, high profile projects involving multi-story buildings. The customer base has been largely State, City and Country governments, Universities and school districts.

The Team

Walter O. Hardy, Founder

Walter O. Hardy, a highly experienced innovator, with over 43 years of chlorine dioxide experience behind him, has pioneered many important milestones with the chlorine dioxide industry. Hardy was the driving force behind the acquisition of the first comprehensive EPA
registered chlorine dioxide product label, immediately followed by the first successful FDA Food Additive Petition for chlorine dioxide. Hardy began the first Indoor Air Quality Program (IAQ) with chlorine dioxide, and later spent 14 months consulting with the EPA on the Anthrax Remediation projects in Washington D.C. He has worked for or been a consultant to DuPont, Zep, Coors-Brewing, Bio-Cide International, and Gallo Wineries. He has expensive Food Service knowledge and experience. Mr. Hardy holds a BS in Microbiology.

Charles E. Reeves III, Managing Partner

Charles E. Reeves III is President and CEO of Envyss, LLC. Envyss was formed in 2006 to
concentrate on environmentally envisioned products for home and industry. Reeves is also President of BioSentry, Inc. BioSentry became the leading supplier of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitation programs for the poultry and swine industry worldwide servicing these markets through master distributors domestically and through over 40 distributors internationally. In June of 2004, BioSentry sold its major assets and distributor base to DuPont who combined these assets with Antec International to form DuPont Animal Health Solutions. Reeves has been a director of B.V.BioCorp, Pvt Ltd in India through which BioSentry products are sold in India and SAARC region. B.V. BioCorp is part of Venworld the largest integrated animal heath company in Asia. He now serves as a consultant to Venky’s. In 2020 he received an EPA registration for BioBuster a disinfectant/virucide based on oxidative chemistry. Reeves is a seasoned business professional familiar with manufacturing, finance, sales and marketing. Reeves holds a BA in Political Science and an MBA.