About Us

DeepReach Oxidation was founded in Norman, Oklahoma by Walter O. Hardy in 2004.

2childrenThe company was a outgrowth of an idea that was spawned from Mr. Hardy's experience serving on the 2001-2002 Anthrax Remediation team in Washington D.C. For its first two years of existence, DeepReach was essentially an R & D company, designing and building equipment, commissioning studies, and working projects to support the effort towards an EPA Registration for the process.

After lab data and site data was submitted to the USEPA Registration division, a sixteen month period of evaluation ensued in which every conceivable aspect of the process was evaluated. The final draft had to be reviewed by all the departments within EPA, including the Indoor Environments Division, the group responsible for publishing The EPA Guidelines for Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings  (June 2001) -the document the mold remediation industry currently uses as their standard.

DeepReach Oxidation's product DRO5000, the precursor for chlorine dioxide generation, was authorized in August of 2006, five years after the "Guidelines" were published. It carries the United States Enviornmental Protection Agency's official registration -#82484-1.  After receiving the State of Oklahoma operating license, DeepReach Oxidation began operations in early 2007. Since this time, DeepReach has over 50 projects under its belt, many are large, high profile projects involving multi-story buildings. The customer base consists of State, City and County governments, Universities and school districts and numerous individual homeowners.  References are available upon request.