Allergen Elimination in Homes, Offices and Dorms

Chlorine Dioxide destroys antigens on surfaces and in the air. This means allergy sufferers now have a cure rather than a treatment for all those allergens which make them feel sick in their home or office.

AntigenDeepReach Oxidation knew from our experience that our gas process would kill mold allergens, but until recently had no idea that we also were able to kill pollen and dust mites as well. The table shows a recent scientific study which proves out what our customers have been telling us for years. With low levels of chlorine dioxide gas the purified antigens of fungus, mites and pollen are destroyed.

This is the first time an in situ remediation of allergens has been documented by science and it is big news! We know that many people experience allergen distress in certain buildings such as dorms, schools, hotels, offices, and even homes. Typically an older building has built up allergens of mold, dust, pollen etc... over time. Situations where water or moisture problems exists in the building, improper air flow in HVAC ducts, or other physical conditions lead to growth of mold and can cause a building to be toxic to people sensitive to allergens. It is important to fix the physical problem, but in the meantime the allergens existing can be destroyed. Our customers have universally said they no longer experience their allergies after our gas treatment of their space.

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