Emerging Benefits of chlorine dioxide fumigation


The use of gaseous chlorine dioxide is a perfect example of a mature compound being rediscovered and thereby opening up a whole new universe of applications. The latest research from around the world has revealed these remarkable potential benefits:

  • Low dose gaseous ClO2 levels (below permissible exposure levels, 0.1 PPM) have been demonstrate to completely stop the infectivity of both Swine Flu and Bird Flu, two potent viruses that the CDC and others believe could spark the next viral pandemic. This anti-viral activity is not limited to influenza, as many viruses including Norovirus are sensitive to ClO2 gas.
  • Low dose gaseous ClO2 has been demonstrated to reduce or destroy 3 different types of allergens, Mold Spore allergen, pollen allergen and dust mite allergen. Not only has this been confirmed in the laboratory environment, but this application has actually been applied successfully by DeepReach Oxidation.
  • Low dose gaseous ClO2 has been demonstrated by Penn State University to reduce or completely eliminate human pathogenic bacteria from the surface of fruits and vegetables. This application could drastically reduce food borne illness.
  • Gaseous ClO2 has been demonstrated to destroy certain mycotoxin, a metabolite from a number of mold contaminants. This could be beneficial in both health and food related industries.

As a research and technology company, we are eager to work with universities, corporations and others who wish to explore applications for gas phase chlorine dioxide

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