Odor Control

Understanding the power of Gas Fumigation versus Spray or Fog applications

Pet-Odor-300w-flippedChlorine dioxide chemistry has become the workhorse in odor abatement, particularly in smoke remediation. When selecting a company to solve your odor problem it is important to know what they use and how they apply it.

The best chemical for true odor elimination is chlorine dioxide.  However, there are two forms of the chemical and only DeepReach Oxidation provides the gas form.  A number of companies use a form called "stabilized chlorine dioxide"  and apply this with a spray or fog.  Only with a gas use of chlorine dioxide will one be able to elliminate the tough odors. 

It may surprise many, but the term "Chlorine dioxide" and "Stabilized Chlorine dioxide" refers to two different types of use compounds. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is two oxygen atoms combined with one chlorine atom. The physical nature of chlorine dioxide is as a gas of a yellow-green color. It has a very pungent odor, similar to chlorine and it is a strong oxidizer of odor molecules. It is very soluble in water and is commonly used in water treatment for drinking water and vegetable rinses.Stabilized chlorine dioxide is a solution, not a gas but has a minority component that is chlorine dioxide. However, the majority of the solution is water and the salts of chlorite, chloride and chlorate. It is always applied as a spray or as a fog. It is a deodorant, but has several technical drawbacks that decreases its ease of use and its ability to obtain complete coverage.

When applied as a fog, the chlorine dioxide component is actually trapped in a very small water droplet. This droplet has weight and therefore will fall out of the air very quickly. This fact limits severely the range in which the fog can effectively carry. The typical fogging process is to have several people walk through the building, holding foggers and aiming them onto the surfaces in order to apply the product. This characteristically results in haphazard coverage. It also is impossible to successfully apply a fog through the HVAC systems to neutralize the odors residing within the air duct systems.  From a regulatory compliance position, it is important to know that no stabalized chlorine product on the market is approved for HVAC systmes.

Conversely, ClO2 gas has none of these issues. The ClO2 gas is released simultaneously throughout the building, and in accordance with the gas law, expands from areas of high concentration (our equipment) into areas of low concentration. The gas will travel into every crack and crevice and more importantly, will expand throughout the ductwork and HVAC system, effectively and safely deodorizing the entire building in a single step.

DeepReach Oxidation can eliminate the vestages of: smoke, tobacco, musty odors, dead animals, cooking spices such as curry and other tough odors.  Call us to discuss your problem odors.