Sales & Marketing Partnership

DeepReach Oxidation has the broadest EPA pproved label for gas phase fumigation of chlorine dioxide.  Currently, we are working in the states of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.  All EPA labels must also be registered in each state and meet individual state requirments before the fumigation can take place.  We are currently developing our national sales and marketing plan, but are interested in working with cutting edge companies who have a strong presence in a state or region and may be interested in bringing our technology to their market.   Call us for more details.

Research Partnerships

Gas-Analyzer-800WDeepReach Oxidation is excited about the research going on into new applications of gas phase chlorine dioxide use.   As a technology driven company, we are interested in working with corporate and university researchers who have the need for equipment necessary to take their research out of the lab and into the market.  

Our patented sensor, the Mark I, allows for numerous new applications to have real world viability.  It is a robust research grade ClO2 programmable gas analyzer, at home on the lab bench as well as the job site. What makes the DRO Mark I so impressive is its incredible wide range, from low (10) PPB to 5000 PPM, with a tight linearity across the full range. The DRO Mark I achieves this remarkable linearity by automatically selecting one of three available range settings to match the gas samples being analyzed. It is a self contained instrument designed to be operated and to stream data via a wireless modem to a remote standard laptop or other computing device.

Its "breadbox" size makes it easy to place and mount. While it is relatively small in size, it has considerable heft, approximately 10 lbs, due to its primary internal instrument housing which is milled out of a solid stainless steel block, making it practically indestructible. As the analyzer uses a spectrophotometric methodology, rather than an electro-chemical, the light beam path must not flex with variations in temperature or stress. The rigidity of the solid stainless steel insures solid performance. The light source is a state of the art pulsed UV-LED arranged in a split beam configuration with two photodiodes. This methodology greatly reduces the need for recalibration or element replacement as with electro-chemical detectors. There is no sensor element that must be hydrated periodically, and no requirement for time consuming calibration or recalibration/recertification during the year. In addition, The DRO Mark I will not lose sensitivity over time, as there is no reaction chemistry and thus no consumables to degrade. These advantages result in higher reliability and much lower operating costs.

The instrument is completely programmable, set initially to log and transmit three channels of data, ClO2 concentration, RH and Temperature. It can also be programmed to actuate control functions, such as exhaust fans, warning lights and so forth.

Call us to discuss your application needs.