our projects

Oklahoma State Capitol Building – Select areas, basement, access tunnel, office suites, mold abatement
City of Tulsa, Center Office Building – Mold abatement, five story office building
City of Tulsa, Police Academy – Mold remediation of 3 amphitheater classrooms
City of Midwest City – Owner of Sheridan Hotel, 5 story hotel complex, mold abatement
Oklahoma Public Schools – 30 + projects over 8 years
Canadian Valley Vo-Tech – Prevention of mold from flooded Admin. Wing of tornado damaged building
Mid-Del School District – Select areas of two buildings – Library and classrooms
Southeastern Oklahoma State University – basement office suites, abatement of mold allergies
Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, FL – Mold, odor and allergy abatement, 5th floor
Greer County Courthouse – Decontamination of abandoned floors within courthouse
Granite City Hall, Granite, OK – decontamination of structure
Hope Community Center, OKC, OK – Odor and Allergy abatement, office building
Banks of Western Oklahoma – 2 bank buildings, Elk City & Cordell, OK Decontamination of black mold
Roman Nose State Lodge, Oklahoma – Mold abatement
Dept. of Veteran Affairs, HQ, Oklahoma City, OK – Mold abatement, large one story building
University of Oklahoma Libraries – Mold abatement/control of collections, 5th floor
Muskogee Public Library – mold odor/allergy abatement 3 story building
Council on Law Enforcement, Education & Training (CLEET) Mold abatement, large barracks complex
Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum, mold abatement/odor control, large basement area
City of Norman, OK – mold & odor abatement, 2 single story buildings